Pumpkin cream soup with croutons (2/4)

€ 5.90

Beef consommé with patties

€ 4.90

Fried shrimp with olive oil, garlic, diced tomatoes and onion (5/8)

€ 9.50

"Sweet potato gnoccis" with vegetables, sesame, spring onions and salad plate (5)

€ 14.50

Saddle of beef steak "a'la Chef" with foie gras, tomatoes, onions, peppers,
Vegetables, homemade spaetzle and salad plate (2/5)

€ 26.90

Saddle of beef steak with fried chanterelles, diced tomatoes, garlic,
Onions, vegetables, croquettes and salad plate (2/4)

€ 26.90

Beef boiled beef with horseradish sauce, cranberries, vegetables, boiled potatoes
and salad plate (2/4)

€ 18.90

Munich onion meat with peeled onions, vegetables,
Fried potatoes and salad plate (2/4)

€ 18.90

Ox tongue in Madeira sauce with vegetables, homemade spaetzle
and salad plate (2/4)

€ 18.90

Schnitzel "Viennese style" from lean pork loin with French fries and salad plate (2/5)

€ 15.90

Pork fillet fried in one piece with mushroom cream sauce,
Vegetables, butter spaetzle and salad plate (2/5)

€ 18.90

Roast pork "Robert" with Dijon mustard sauce, vegetables, croquettes
and salad plate (2/4)

€ 15.90

Sliced ​​pork fillet with fresh mushrooms, vegetables,
homemade spaetzle and salad plate (7/4)

€ 17.90

Turkey breast steaks with creamed chanterelles, white wine sauce, vegetables,
Napkin dumplings and salad plates (4)

€ 19.90

Goose breast, roasted pink with a fine orange-thyme sauce,
Ratatouille vegetables, potato dumplings and salad plate (2/4)

€ 17.90

Slices of poulard breast, cooked juicy with white balsamic herb sauce,
Chanterelle ragout, vegetables, gratinated potatoes and salad plate (2/4)

€ 17.90

Wild boar medallions with cranberry and mushroom sauce, marinated white wine pear,
Vegetables, napkin dumplings and salad plate (2/4)

€ 22.90

Venison ragout with porcini mushroom sauce, savoy cabbage, mashed potatoes with grapes,
Walnuts and salad plate (2/4)

€ 20.90

Char fillet fried in almond butter, with sesame, vegetables,
gratinated potatoes and salad plate (4/7)

€ 21.90

Fried pikeperch fillet with tomato-mushroom butter, spring onions,
Boiled potatoes and salad plate (4/7)

€ 21.90

"House style" sea bream fillet with basil sauce, Mediterranean vegetables,
Herbal potatoes and salad plate (4/7)

€ 19.90

Salmon fillet cooked in steam with mustard sauce, vegetables,
Rice timbals and salad plates (4/7)

€ 18.90

One Pot Noodles with Fried Zucchini, Mushrooms, Chanterelles,
Tomato, onion and salad plate (4/7)

€ 16.50

Fried napkin dumplings with creamed chanterelles,
Spring onions and salad platter (4/7)

€ 15.90

Fried vegetables, almonds, spring onions, tomatoes, chanterelles,
Tomato sauce, parmesan, gratinated potatoes and salad plate (4/7)

€ 17.50

Rösti "Reichenau" with fried vegetables, gratinated with cheese,
Hollandaise sauce and salad plate (4/7)

€ 18.50

Penne "Avanti" with peas, spinach, fried chanterelles,
Ginger tomato sauce and salad plate (4/7)

€ 16.90




1 With phosphate, 2 With flavor enhancer, 3 Antioxidant, 4 With coloring, 5 Preserved, 6 Blackened, 7 Sulfurized, 8 With sweetener, 9 Containing quinine, 10 Containing caffeine


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